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Look out the window,

turn your gaze upwards.

There you see the blue sky

with soft white clouds

flowing by.

The blue sky is

so bright,

so vibrant,

the clouds come alive,

as if they have a

life of their own.

I saw an eagle soaring

above the lake,

with his mighty wings

stretched out.

I could see his

white tail and head,

he seemed to be looking up,

as if he was taking

flight heavenward.

Somehow, he seemed to be gazing

at the face of angels

in those clouds.

He was one with the

sky and the wind,

which lifted him

higher and higher.

I could see his graceful

black body contrasting with

the colors in the sky.

He must see all things so

beautifully from his

view in the sky.

The tops of the trees

are flowing past him,

like a long, bushy,

green river.

He swoops down as if

he is in the

middle of a joyous dance.

He takes in the all

the fragrances,

the colors and

the vastness of the

world he lives in.

It is infinite!

I wonder what he hears

when he flies

so far above this world.

I imagine myself

as part of him.

I feel the delight

and joy of his journey.

I can now hear the

music in the wind.

This is what he is

dancing to!

Then all of a sudden,

he spreads his majestic

wings so that he

soars upwards,

higher and higher

until there is silence.

The silence in the

heavens is nothing like

we understand it to be here.

There is so much love,

perfection and

beauty in this silence.

I hear the soft,

flowing movement of his wings,

the quiet and peaceful

beating of his heart

beneath his chest,

the sound of his claws

outstretched as if

he was trying to grasp

the very spirit of

the wind itself.

He breathes in the blue sky

and flowing clouds.

The pure whiteness of those

clouds reflecting the

light of the warm sun.

The blue sky mirroring itself

in the endless quiet lake below.

He looks down at the world

and a sense of the perfection of

what he sees fills his entire being,

he is part of it and knows this.

What is he thinking of

on his heavenly flight??

He is so filled with the

wonder of the beauty

and miraculous visions, that

his soul listens to the pulse

of life below and above him.

It surrounds him.

His every movement

becomes one with that

pulse of life!

I can feel this life too.

There is love in everything.

The spirit of the eagle is

is in me and a part of me.

I too can hear the

wonderful silence,

it is alive, bursting with energy.

I can hear the mountains

rising as the wind

blows through its canyons

and over its cliffs.

I can hear the trees lift

their branches to the sky,

reaching for the warmth

and light.

I can hear the waves of

the water below

foaming and sighing

with each rise and fall.

The higher I go, the more I see.

There is no distance even though

I can see for miles and miles.

It feels as if the world

is wrapping itself around me,

drawing me closer into its heart!

My eyes can see forever

but this view is from inside of me.

I know where I am,

as it is the place

I love and where I truly live.

It is a place of rest,

where silence is the symphony

and the conductor is my heart.

There is no such thing as time,

eternity is the force

that governs this world.

Love is the path of this world

and the power that

animates everything.

The view is infinite,

even a blade of grass

is known and felt.

It's as if the hand of

a Great Artist

painted each blade in perfect

shades on an infinite blank canvas.

I can hear the softness of the

grass blowing under my feet.

Now as the shadows fall and the world

gives me a last glimpse of

its beauty and majesty,

a burst of colors flood the sky,

so brilliant that my eyes are filled

with the glory of the heavens!

Slowly, the colors fade and the stars

flicker on one by one to light

the path of the coming night.

There is no beginning or end

to this day.

It is perpetual and alive...

and in constant movement!

The eagle looks down

and sees a lone tree

with its branches reaching out

like so many loving arms.

He makes his descent slowly

towards the tree.

He circles over it

like an angel

fluttering down from

his heavenly home,

grasping the highest

branch of the tree.

He preens his wings

to prepare himself

for tomorrow's journey.

Before he closes his eyes,

the eagle looks up

and marks the place

where he danced with joy!

There it is, still twilight

and the fragrance,

the beauty

of the universe fills

his being with joyous Love!

copyright Poetry ~ By Wolfden ~

July, 2001

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