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The trees stand tall and shade us

in all weather and stand as monuments

of our grand and glorious stature...

We too are creations of magnificent beauty

although right now, we only see ourselves

in the shade...

But once we see ourselves in the radiance

of the sunlight, we no longer see the

shadow but the true substance of our being...

The ocean is vast and as immense

and endless as eternity...

Its depths can never be measured,

only felt...

Our hearts are the vessels which carry

the infinite inspiration within...

Hearts beating in perfect rhythm with the

symphony of Soul...

The garden is always in full bloom,

its fragrance carried in the winds and

filling the world with the scent of

its perfection...

Our paths are forever imprinted

with our footsteps,

and engraved between the borders

of our garden...

Each flower growing into fullness

and glory and reflecting the loving

Power which created them....

The Light can never be extinguished

nor can it ever be dimmed...

Its softness, peace and permanence

comes from the inner sanctuary of Soul,

which lives forever...

There is no darkness in this inner world

because the gentle light is the force

which overcomes the night...

This endless world.. lives in you,

for it is the source of your joy and

the spirit that governs you...

The wonderful Universe that surrounds us

and whose crowning glory is infinite,

everpresent and All-Embracing Love....

Copyrite Poetry By ~ Wolfden ~

June, 2004

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