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Here I am,

in the early morning hours,

thinking about you..

and loving you...

Thoughts going through my

head and filling my heart

so that I cannot speak...

The thoughts of love flow

through my heart

and wash over me,

like a peaceful wave..

There I see you,

sitting on the shores

of heaven

towering above the angels...

The light in your

eyes reflecting

on the crests of the waves.

They seem to dance to

earth's silent hush....

I see the expression

on your face

as if you are looking into

the end of eternity...

Your gaze resting on some

heavenly vision,

beckoning you....

The soft wind caresses

your face

and blows gently through

your hair...

You lift your eyes up

to the sky

and feel the strength

of an eternal spirit,

lifting your soul

to the heavens....

With each breath you take,

you rise higher and higher

until you are like a dove

taking flight to the sky...

As I watch you,

my heart goes with you,

dreaming of you,

touching your very soul...

Everywhere I look,

I see a part of you...

of your beauty...

your tenderness...

the joy in your heart...

I feel the tears rolling

down my cheeks,

and over my lips...

The tears seem to stop

the words from coming

and I am left,

standing on the shore

where you once sat...

I feel the warmth

of your hands

on my face and it fills

me with a happiness

I have never known...

The warmth flows

through me

and lifts me up so that

I am by your side,

taking part of your

heavenly flight....

And there,

I find my joy,

my sanctuary,

the dwelling of my

heart in love...

For you are the core

of my being,

the force of

everything good

and beautiful in me...

It is in those times,

that I rise and

see the glory

of the day at dusk,

the moon in all her

splendor and the stars

luminating the dark

recesses of my heart....

In my universe,

I see only you,

and in your heart

is where I always live,

love and express the power

of the endless life

which animates

every part of me...

I love you,

and no words can

ever come close

to showing you

the paradise

I feel in my heart

when I look into

your beautiful eyes...

Loving you with every

part of my being....

Copyrite Poetry By ~ Wolfden ~

June, 2002

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