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I was just outside watching the meteor shower... What a sight that is! I could see them shooting everywhere... It looked as though I could just reach up and touch them... They look so close... When I was standing out there, watching this beautiful show in the sky, it felt as though I was standing right at the foot of heaven... It is so quiet that I actually felt enveloped in that eternal peace... If I listened close enough, I could hear the soft sounds of the universe, echoing quietly around me, like an infinite symphony in the sky... The clusters of stars are bright and sparkling that they too seem to be enjoying front row seats of this celestial vision... It's as though with every meteor gliding by, the light from the stars grew even brighter, as if expressing their own joy... I saw a meteor shoot through the sky, skimming the tops of the stars, expressing pure and utter delight... It's like the entire universe is in quiet and loving celebration, in total expectance of the unending goodness pouring out of every single part of heaven.... It is so easy to see how alive every part of our universe is... There is a feeling of being at one with the power that puts everything in motion... God is everywhere, all the time, and sees everything so beautiful and good.... I feel as though I have His eyes, His heart and His boundless joy within me... Yes, dear, He does rule the universe and expresses Himself in countless ways... I couldn't have seen a more vivid example than I have tonight... His silence is so beautiful, all-pervading, all-embracing and so very very gentle and loving.... After watching this heavenly splendor, I could feel the love of God so deeply... I could visualize Him creating the universe all over again as if inspired by the infinite Love that He is... His glory is beyond words! I want you to know, my dearest wife, that when I looked up at the sky as I stood on the porch, that I had you right beside me... No, actually closer than this... You were deep inside my heart and soul, and I could feel your heart beating inside of mine... I feel so close to you at this moment that I can hardly contain the love I have for you... I wish I could see you right now so that I can tell you all this... I can just see your eyes, so blue and deep.... They are a reflection of the stars I saw in this beautiful sky tonight... I am going to go to bed now and will hold the universe so close to my heart.. In doing this, I want you to feel my arms around you, holding you, drawing you into the very core of my being... Love you with every breath I have in me....

Copyrite Poetry By ~ Wolfden ~

November 18th, 2001

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