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As I sit here thinking about our life

and about all the beauty we

have experienced, my heart does

truly yearn for you.

I see your face, your loving eyes and

hear your gentle voice even in

the remotest places.

You are the vision of living poetry.

Everywhere I look, I see a part of you.

The walls are decorated with the love

that flowed from your loving hands.

You express the depth of soul.

You are the life that moves and breathes

and made our home a sanctuary.

The everpresent light that you

imparted from within is glowing,

ebbing and flowing like the waves

of a peaceful ocean after a night of storms.

The warmth that surrounds everything

and emanates from its soul is so

strongly felt as if the spirit of

this house echoes your thoughts of love.

Your gentle touch that gave life and

purpose to even the smallest thing bears

your imprint which even the years can

never erase.

All that your eyes have beheld remain

beautiful and speak of the abounding

joy that you have expressed every moment.

The silence even honors you.

Your name is the song of sanctuary

and I hear it playing over and over

in ceaseless praise and quiet adoration.

In the core of its being,

the chorus repeats the vitality

and passion of your aspirations.

Your tender devotion is felt in

every corner of this sanctuary,

expressed in patience, faith, hopefulness,

fidelity, benevolence, generosity,

unselfishness and gracefulness.

What power you have inside you,

which inspires and uplifts all who

walk within your lucid shadow.

There is no place where the essence

of your being and its perfection

is not felt and known.

You dwell in me where I adore

and live the loveliness of your visions.

I cannot rest, I cannot speak..

for even when I sleep,

I hear your voice and see your face.

I turn to embrace you and the stillness

of the night is all that fills my

longing arms.

All that you are is the secret of my delight.

Your words of love are the light of my dreams.

I keep you with me every moment of the day.

In the freshness of the morning

and through the enduring night,

you are my passion, my expression,

my very reason for living.

You are the eternal light and

heaven in my heart.

Copyright Poetry By ~ Wolfden ~

July, 2003

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