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Our loving Father knows what you

are feeling right now and

His outstretched arms are

there surrounding you and your

loved ones,

and binding you all together...

His love knows no limits

nor boundaries..

There is no separation in

His infinite heart...

And because of this,

you can never be without

your loved one.

He has given you all a sanctuary

in His loving heart where there

can be no separation.

He has sent you His angels in

the form of family, friends,

doctors and nurses...

He has nourished you all with

His tender and infinite love,

which has always sustained you

before and always will...

He has walked with you through

your journey together and

He has you all within His love.

You will continue to walk

together, for He is the link

that binds

your hearts, minds and

lives together forever...

There is no power on this earth

that can stop this or

take it away...

Our Father loves His children,

so dearly

and is forever with them,

even now...

He has been with your

loved one

in every step that was

taken, with every trial,

with every beat

of that precious heart...

The love that our Father has

for His children surpasses

anything in this world and

nothing can ever change that...

And for you all that are

left behind

our Father has prepared something

very wonderful for you all...

He has also been with you

every step of the way,

guiding you,

strengthening you, sheltering you

and surrounding you with

His gentle presence...

He knows the path

you have walked

and has already prepared

a special one,

which He has

planted with such infinite

love and tenderness...

His angels do tend this

path, and He has made sure

you will never be

without strength,

faith and inspiration

and above all, a deep,

everpresent and powerful

sense of His never ending

love and devotion to you...

You are all so precious

in His sight

and it is His loving

hands that have and

will continue

to hold you up...

Lean on Him, precious friend...

He is bearing you up

and leading you

deeper into His heart

where you are

always safe, comforted

and so very loved...

And where there can never

be any separation from

our loved ones,

for we all live,

move and have our

existence in Him


Poetry copyrite by *Wolfden*

Music Playing "Still, Still, With Thee"

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