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Our life is more

than just the passing of time,

with events filling in the space..

What we really are is a result

of the things we love...

We are like trees which

grow heavenward

and only become stronger

and more sturdy as we

walk our paths in this life...

Whatever you cherish

in your heart

is the force of life

you have in you...

You cannot help but love life

and the beauty that fills it...

The beauty you see is not external

but comes from deep within you...

That includes the view

you have of yourself...

There is nothing in this world

more powerful than your

vision of yourself

as it shows you what

is surrounding you...

Tell me...

When you look at the

beautiful blue sky

or hear a babbling brook,

doesn't it fill you with awe

and isn't it inspiring??

When you see the first

flowers of Spring

pushing themselves

out of the ground,

aren't you transformed

with the newness that

the season represents??

When you see the blossoms slowly

sprouting on the trees,

do you notice the colors,

shapes and fragrance

coming from every branch??

You tell me there is so much snow...

And yet,

if I asked you to close your eyes

and picture a field of

bright yellow roses,

would you not see them

despite the snow that surrounds you??

This is because all these things

come from within you

and nothing can stop you

from seeing them...

It doesn't matter that

no one else sees them...

It is alive within you...

in your own thoughts...

That is how it is with us all...

How we see ourselves is totally

independent from anyone else's

view or thoughts....

We are each individual

and have an important place

in this universe...

The universe is not and

could not be

complete without each

and every one of us...

You are a part of everything

you see

because you see everything

from within yourself...

You cannot exclude

yourself from that

and it is impossible

to do so...

Look within yourself

and think of the things

you love...

All those things exist

so perfectly

because we love them

and consequently,

love ourselves because

they are a result

of our innermost

heart and soul...

When you look at an

eagle soaring...

or a puppy chasing its tail...

or a kitten playing with

a ball of string,

we are filled with such

a sense of love

that we barely notice it...

Yet it is completely

natural for us

to feel this way as it is

what defines us...

If we were ever without this

sense of love and beauty,

we would not have the force

within us that sustains us...

which gives continuity

to our lives...

We regenerate ourselves

all the time...

We may feel sick or worried

or even hopeless at times,

but there is that spirit

of love and joy

and fullness of life

that fills us.

And in turn,

we bloom once again....

Remember what a tree looks

like in the middle of winter...

Yet, as bad as it may look

during this time,

we never doubt that

when Spring comes,

it will once again flourish...

and show forth its

infinite beauty...

providing shelter

for us as well as

all other living things...

The winter cold strips

the tree of its beauty,

but we never believe that the tree

will remain in that state

and we can even see it

in all its glory

in our thoughts

despite what seems

to be the evidence

before us...

You are the tree,

ever in a glorious state..

Your branches reach for the sky,

taking in the light

and warmth from above...

You are forever in the

perfect season..

For even when the blossoms

have fallen

and the clouds of an

endless day seem

to overshadow you...

You will rise triumphant

for the strength

of your season is near...

And the force of life

within you shows forth

its beauty and magnificence,

unfolding into eternity's

radiance never to be lost,

but always seen

through the infinite

lens of your soul...

Copyright Poetry by ~ Wolfden ~

March, 2001

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