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You Are Mine

You are the one who fills

my heart and soul with

happiness, passion, ecstacy

and an undying love...

You are the reason for

the beauty in every sunrise

and for the song of the

nightbirds in every sunset...

You are the paradise that

I have longed and dreamed for...

For when I look in the

depths of your eyes,

I see the world you have

surrounded me in and

it encompasses my being...

No heaven would exist if

I didn't wake to see the

sunrise in your eyes

and the smile of an angel

on your lips...

I love you more than

life itself,

my precious love...

Heaven waits within me

until we are one again...

I love you more

than life itself..

You are the angel of my

dreams and the reason why

there is so much love and

beauty in the world..

Love you so deeply

and I am forever Yours

as You Are Mine...

Poetry By ~ Wolfden ~

copyrite May, 2003

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