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I would have given anything to be standing

there beside you..

Instead, I closed my eyes and saw

you through the reflection of my own

heart and soul...

I saw you walk over to the mirror and sit down,

your eyes slowly looking up at the mirror...

What did you see?

Did you see the love that lit up a

life with its soft glow?

If it were not for that light,

the world would have been a lot dimmer

today...and that life would have faded

just short of the view of eternity...

Did you see the compassion that lightened

the burden of a heavy heart?

If it were not for your compassion,

the weight of that heart would have been

overwhelming and it would have sunk into

oblivion... That heart would have

never seen the gold underneath

the dross of despair which

compassion cleared away...

Did you see the tenderness that held

guard over a long night of sorrow?

If it were not for your tenderness,

the darkness would have overshadowed

the night and that heart would have

never seen the gentle morning beams...

Instead, it would have given into the

blackness, caught in the maze of grief...

Did you see the loving hands that

reached out to touch the lost soul,

wandering through the wilderness alone?

If it were not for your hands, the soul

would have sunk further into the shadows,

moving aimlessly towards the enveloping


Did you see the eyes of comfort,

sustaining and uplifting the downtrodden

heart which was devoid of hope?

If it were not for your comforting gaze,

the heart would have seen nothing but the

barren soil, and would have not been

able to see the garden of rejoicing

just beyond its vision...

Did you see the merciful arms,

embracing the heart that was full of


If it were not for your mercy,

that heart would not have seen

the beauty that shined through

the torrent of repentant tears...

Did you see the faithful heart,

expressing itself through song,

inspiration and joy of life?

It lifted the veil of oppression,

revealing the greatness and humility

of goodness, gentleness and an

all-encompassing, deep love...

The reflection is filled with

so much good..

It reveals a soul which has been strong,

beautiful, enduring, forgiving, unselfish,

generous, sincere, true, loyal and radiant

with the glory of its infinite joy

and humble power...

All that you are is as a result of

the treasures you have cherished and

loved with your heart and soul...

You are love in action...

You are joy in music...

You are the inspiration in beauty...

You rise higher and higher and are

like the lofty heavens that bring

peace to broken hearts and lives...

Look closely into that mirror and

you will see that the power that has

sustained so many has

also sustained and carried you...

I know about the pain,

but that is a sign of the heart

that has truly lived and loved others

and has gained its power and resilience

through the very wounds it has received...

Your heart has healed and become stronger

and keeps beating for no other reason

than its necessity to love...

You cannot lose this power for it

is your life...

It cannot be lost for any reason because it

overpowers all...

And nothing that you have cherished

in your heart of love can never be lost

or taken away from you...

Because you love, everything within,

that love is yours forever...

It is all yours, my love...

You have sown a garden that is unending,

beautiful, and fragrant...

Its aroma reaches every open heart

and fills it with its gentle force...

Look carefully into the mirror and

you will see fields of golds, pinks, blues

and greens as far as the eye can see...

The path in the middle of it is paved

with your untiring and precious love...

There are no stones to obstruct your way,

no choking weeds to cause your steps

to falter, no jagged edges to cut the

soles of your feet and no thorns

to pierce your soul...

The view above your garden is clear,

wide and vast...

The sky goes on forever with its promise

of a higher way...

Your dreams are the birds inhabiting

your world soar and play and sing in

the company of angels...

You have wings that give your hopes flight,

rising higher and higher into the

peaceful realm of your love...

All this, my love, is what is revealed to you

when you look into the mirror...

So when you look at your reflection,

I know that you will see the form of

an angel of love looking back at you...

There, you will see what you truly are

and have always been...

and will forever continue to be...

Copyrite Poetry By ~ Wolfden ~

July, 2003

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