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Our Diary And Love

This page will be of the travels and experiences
that have meant so much to both of us. Most of our travelling took us thru the most beautiful parts of the South Western States. But, in the times we both didn't have a chance to fill ourselves with the beauty and quietness of nature.We both felt like we were within a cement jungle surrounded by traffic and offices with business to take of, with no time set aside to relax. We always surprised each with an e-mail to relieve the tension and never to forget that it won't be too long again that we would be in a place that would take our breath away and we would be able to lay on the soft grass and look up into the bluest sky ever. And see our dogs playfully running and enjoying every moment of it with us.

Here is one such e-mail written in southern Arizona. I remember how it lifted my spirits before we left our motel and how grateful I was for having such a thoughtful and loving friend. What a lovely Valentine's surprise :)

E-mail message:

From: (Lee R)

Date: Fri, Feb 13, 2004, 3:39pm

To: (* Poski *)

Subject: Valentine's Day

Yes dear, I know what you mean about missing nature...

I miss it too and would really like for us

and the dogs to get out someplace where we can

hear, see and smell nothing but the peace and

quiet of trees, birds, hills, grass, water or

even a forest full of cactus by now... LOL!

Sometimes, just looking at the blue sky

when we take the dogs out helps

to fill that longing for the beauty

and serenity of nature...

You know, like the sunsets we love to take

pictures of...

When I am standing out in the field with our dogs,

I look up at the sky and at times

it seems to be trying to encircle and

embrace us...

It feels like all we have to do is

keep our eyes towards heaven and

we'll be lifted up to it...

Wish we could be somewhere quiet

when that happens...

I am sure the dogs feel that way too by now...

Okay, my bug... I will send this email

to you

before you come out of the bathroom

and see me writing this and then it

won't be a surprise anymore...

I love you, my beautiful friend,

with an unextinguishable love

that outlasts eternity...